South Lakes

Restoring success to South Lakeland

The locals of South Lakeland deserve to win and win big. They deserve to be represented by people who want to restore success to our area, rather than by Lib Dems who treat their role as a hobby.

Stopping Stupid Council Spending

My priority is to make 100% sure that your money is spend on your priorities, and your priorities only. Your money is not for the Lib Dems to blow when they get bored.

Instead, I will battle boldly to stop stupid spending. Then we can look at cutting the likes of your council tax bill and car parking charges.

If the Council didn’t spend stupidly, we wouldn’t need council tax hikes

Reversing Rip-Off Car Parking

I will push persistently to reverse all rip-off car parking charges and to protect people from this council’s sneaky pickpocketing scheme.

Locals and tourists don’t deserve to be targeted because the council can’t get their spending under control. The health of our high streets and business hotspots rely heavily on having affordable local car parking.

Locals shouldn’t have to foot the bill for Council money wasting

Approving Housing That Genuinely Is Affordable

Trust me to take action by promoting the approval of housing that genuinely is affordable in reality, rather than just in name.

We also need to make that we don’t approve housing willy nilly. We can’t plonk houses in areas that will add unreasonable pressure on the existing transport networks or slash house prices for existing owners.

The Big Bad Wolf would have no problem blowing down the Council’s housing policy

Utilising Finance For Proper Flood Prevention

I will ensure that we utilise finance for proper flood prevention to protect as many people and businesses as possible. Flood defence should not be limited to walls on river embankments. 

We also need to make sure that we take other action such as dredging of river beds, enhanced ground water drainage systems and working with farmers to create dozens of flood storage areas upstream.

Flood defences should be more than just for show – they need to actually work

That Is My Contract With You

If I’m one day granted the great honour of representing you locally, I promise and pledge that I will not stop or sleep soundly until our remarkable area radiates nothing but solid success, including but not limited to the issues we have just discussed.

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