In Farron’s first speech as Lib Dem Leader, he promised to lead his party to a fightback. He promised to lead a party of no vested-interests. He failed on both – for the exact same reason.

The EU referendum opened up a gaping wound in his party. He had the chance to heal that wound with respect of democracy & accepting the bright, independent path the country chose to go down. 

Instead, he opted to infect that wound with anti-democratic politics.

Soon, the infection spread and completely took over the very principles the Lib Dems stood on.
Farron scuttled over to Brussels to find a cure. He came back with a new vested-interest – the elitists of the European Union. It made Tim delusional!

As acceptance for Brexit grew amongst Remainers, Farron’s desperation to not let down his EU masters grew with it. 
Could a snap election help cure Farron’s delusional fantasies of a UK still shackled to a crumbling EU?

The election of June 8th 2017 saw the Lib Dems achieve fewer votes than they got in 2015. A failed fightback. 

This extra dose of democracy took just under a week to kick-in. Farron was handed the reality that the country just doesn’t buy into his false hope and fantasies. His resignation was inevitable. 

However, the question I want to ask is: has this election eventually ridden Farron of his anti-democratic infection, or will it continue to exist, proceeding to hamper his ability to serve his constituents in a Brexit UK?

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