Our bold Prime Minister has taken the smart decision to call a general election for June 8th. Exciting stuff for sure. Even more so because we get to test the opinion of the great people of Westmorland and Lonsdale after the Brexit vote. Over the past year, I think we’ve seen the mood changing towards our MP, Tim Farron, which begs the question; ‘is Tim Farron still fit to be MP of this great area’? I answer no!

There are an abundance of reasons why Farron leads me to answer that question as ‘no’, spanning from his high tax policies to his cheap attempts at vote scrounging. However, the main reason that bolsters that ‘no’ answer is because he’ll be simply incompatible with a Brexit UK.

Brexit is inevitable – it’s happening – but Farron still can’t even seem to accept that. What I’ve found great is that the majority of those who voted ‘Remain’ are now embracing Brexit. Farron is not one of them. Farron is a Remoaner, not a Remainer. I class Remainers as Remain supporters who accept the democratic vote of June 23rd – anti-democratic Remoaners are those who do not.

Tim Farron still thinks he can stop Brexit. He just has no vision for the UK as a great, independent, self-governing, global nation outside of the EU. He will never accept the will of majority. He will never break from the idea that we should be ruled by unelected elitists in Brussels. He will never believe we are good enough to thrive outside of the protectionist EU project. He will never stop auditioning for a cushy EU job for when he leaves Parliament. He will never accept that the UK’s future is outside of the European Union.

All of these reasons evidently mean he will be completely incompatible to fight in Parliament for a Westmorland and Lonsdale and United Kingdom that is outside of the EU. I doesn’t matter whether you supported Remain or Leave, I think we can all accept that Tim Farron is just not the guy to represent us anymore.

Farron no longer represents, but instead resents. It time to realize that he’s has had a good run, but he is past his sell-by date. The country has down a new, bright and optimistic path – Farron refuses to follow. Let’s elect someone who will lead our constituency down that path. Let’s vote out Tim Farron on June 8th.

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