Islamic terrorism has struck again. The terrible Westminster Attack took three innocent lives and injured many others. But what was the second worst thing about this (apart from the fact people sadly died)? The fact that this didn’t come as a surprise. Shortly after the attack, the West sprung into action. We knew the drill. Hashtag – prayers – “nothing to do with Islam”. I’m writing to rubbish the latter.

This attack, like the many before it, had everything to do with Islam. For the easily offended ones of you, “islamaphobe” may have popped into your head – and that’s the problem. Anyone who even vaguely questions the link between the majority of terror attacks and Islam, is abruptly shot down before anyone has a chance to answer.

However, even though I do believe the vast majority of the terror attacks we’ve seen in recent years have everything to do with Islam, I frown when I hear people attribute terrorism synonymously with all Muslims, simply because they follow Islamic teachings. Confused? Well there are three extremely important questions I will ask and also answer in order to help you completely understand what is going on with Islamic terrorism and why we need to be brave enough to admit the realities.


1)    What is terrorism?

The broad definition of terrorism is where intentional violence is used (usually resulting in fatalities) as a means to create terror and fear in order to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim.

That seems simple to understand, I know, but surprisingly an awful lot of us fail to see the big contrasts between each type of terrorism. Ultimately, each different type of terrorism has its different causes and solutions. This is why it is so important we define each separate form of terrorism so we can deal with it.

For example, towards the end of the last century (as I’m sure you know) there was a rise in what I’d call as ‘republican terrorism’ in Northern Ireland with the likes of the IRA. They orchestrated terror attacks in order to achieve the aim of a unified Ireland. The solution to that, in the end, was political.

The cause of, and solution to, the Islamic terrorism we see today is different.


2)    What is Islamic terrorism?

 Islamic terrorism, targeting the West, has the aim of dividing and destroying Western civilization and its values. Everyone knows that, but little really know why.

The majority of Muslims are peaceful people. They go about their lives and live alongside us in harmony – they aren’t the problem. The problem is the wing of Islam who are radicalized, extremist Muslims, who ultimately interpret what the West has done and how it links to teachings in the Quran. Both are sets of Muslims who follow the teachings in the Quran but interpret things in completely different ways.

Over the past decade, the UK has decided to intervene an awful lot, militarily, in Islamic countries – what they highly consider to be the ‘homeland’ of Islam. We all know, including the peaceful majority of Muslims, that these were not interventions based on religion. However, the radicalized wing of Islam wrongly believes the West was there to wage war against Islam and therefore Allah. So how does that cause them to wage war against us? Their teachings in the Quran.

Chapter 5, Verse 33 (5:33) of the Quran states “Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment”.

To put it simply, the Quran teaches that those who wage war against Islam and Allah, must be killed. So seen as the radicalized, extremist wing of Islam wrongly think the West is waging war against Islam and Allah, they disgustingly believe, as a result of the Quran, we should be killed. The likes of hate-preacher, Anjem Choudhary have implied this strongly on many occasions.


3)    How do we stop Islamic terrorism?

 Some think that wiping out Islamic State will somehow bring an end to Islamic Terrorism. It won’t. It may scupper them, but not end. Many of the radicalized extremists are living in the West.

Islamic extremism is radicalizing Muslims via extremist hate-preachers. Such hate-preachers recruit and radicalize in Western countries. In the UK, they radicalize within sheltered mosques within sheltered ghettoized Muslim communities. As well as top-level security services behind the scenes, we need to be focusing a massive deal more on these sheltered Muslim communities where radicalizing takes place.

We need to put an end to ghettoized Muslim communities. It is both a security and cultural issue. We need integration into British culture, not multiculturalism which causes this division, which leads to a haven for hate-preachers. Muslims should be living alongside us, dotted all around the country. Opposing segregated Muslim communities might not be a popular view, but it is the right one.

We also need to make it easier to prosecute, imprison or deport (if necessary) hate-preachers that radicalize so many. After all, it isn’t the cowardly hate-preachers who commit terror acts, it’s the people they radicalize. With a substantially big increase in jail time for hate-preachers, we can get them off the streets and out of mosques so they cannot radicalize and brainwash other Muslims to believe their disgraceful, dumb view on the world.

Finally, we actually need to have the balls to put this into action. We can’t let disgusting hate-preachers to hide behind discrimination laws. No more fear of offending someone. No more screeching “islamaphobe”. No more pretending this hasn’t got anything to do with Islam.

Islam isn’t the problem, Islam has a problem. Time to accept it and time to face it. Only then will we defeat the cancerous radical, islamic terrorism!

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