This decade will probably go on record as the decade when the bad losers lost their minds. Just as you thought nobody could come close to the lunacy of Tim Farron’s cry-baby attitude to losing the EU referendum, a Nicola Sturgeon appears again.

In between running Scotland into the ground and watching England win the Calcutta Cup, the Scottish First Minister made time to spit her dummy out and make a speech where she said she’d apply to Westminster for a second independence referendum. Probably the most illogical idea since Snoop Dogg still thought he was a good rapper.

Here are my top 6 reasons why:

1)    In 2014, the great Scottish people voted for their beautiful nation to make future decisions as part of the UK. One of these future decisions included Brexit. We can’t just be faced with a Scottish referendum every time Sturgeon gets her knickers in a twist. A second referendum would be undemocratic.

2)    The primary reason why Sturgeon wants a second independence referendum because the UK voted to leave the EU – so that means she would take Scotland back in the EU. However, an independent Scotland wouldn’t even qualify for EU membership. Their government deficit is 9.1% of their GDP and the requirement to even be considered for EU membership is gov’t deficit under 3% of GDP. (as outlined by the EU Stability and Growth Pact).

3)    Even if an independent Scotland could join the EU, their logic that independence would be about empowering the Scottish Government is nonsense. The EU has been heading in a clear direction of centralizing powers to the unelected EU Commission, whereas the UK Government has been heading in a clear direction of devolving powers to the elected MSP’s in the Scottish Parliament and Government.

4)    Again, even if an independent Scotland were eligible for EU membership, they’d be required to adopt the depressed Euro (under the Euro Convergence Criteria). Considering they’d have an even bigger deficit that Greece, you can’t help but think that mass unemployment would hit Scotland along with big austerity measures.

5)    An independent Scotland would lose subsidy from the UK Government, leading to either further austerity measures or an uncontrollable rising deficit.

6)    An independent Scotland wouldn’t be able to benefit from the great free trade deals a bright Brexit UK would strike with nations all across the world.

Unlike the brainless scaremongering we saw from the Remain campaign during the EU referendum, these reasons are based of hard truths for Scottish nationalists. It’s time for the Prime Minister to tell the SNP to stop throwing a tantrum, to grow up and start fixing the mess they have created in Scotland. Cheer up, Nicola!

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