What is it with Remoaners and their liking of unelected elites meddling with our laws? They just can’t help themselves. Their support for anti-democratic politics now goes further than their praise for the unelected EU Commission. They are now declaring their love for the unelected House of Lords. I’d say it was laughable if it didn’t have massive consequences.

The latest consequence of their drivel-driven incompetence? A Lords amendment within the Article 50 bill that guarantees EU nationals the right to stay in the UK after Brexit. Sounds nice right? You’re right, it does – but we both know that it’s not as nice as it sounds. Enshrining this guarantee into the Article 50 legislation is just completely naïve and so dumb! You may as well tie the UK’s hands and legs up and hit us over the head with a baseball bat until we turned into North Korea.

Don’t get me wrong – I think they should be able to stay after Brexit. No doubt. I’m a nice guy. The Home Secretary has pledged they will. Unfortunately, (as always) the bleak reality of carelessly slapping this guarantee into Article 50 legislation doesn’t follow through and slap Remoaners in the face. They’re oblivious. Are we both surprised? No, we certainly aren’t. Remoaners don’t seem to detect risk that actually exists. Maybe because they have made up so many scare stories, they don’t know what’s real and what’s fake.

“What risks are you on about then, Aron” I don’t hear you say but I’ll pretend you did anyways. Well, my friend, as I’m sure you know, if approved by the Commons, this amendment would make our Brexit negotiating position just as weak as Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Disastrous! I’m the last person who wants to use EU nationals as bargaining chips but in this tough world, there’s always the chance we’ll have to. It’s common sense. Imagine if the EU want to use UK nationals living the EU as bargaining power. If we pass this amendment, we’ll have nothing to counter it! 3.1 million EU nationals live in the UK and 1.2 million UK nationals live in the EU. We clearly could fight off any bargaining attempt by the EU if it came about – but not if this amendment passes the Commons.

Everyone knows that the anger with this amendment is not people wanting EU nationals to go home. If you suggest otherwise, Remoaners, you’re either lying or stupid. The anger is that if the EU decides to use Brits in the EU as bargaining power, we won’t have anything to counter it. Nothing at all. Remoaners just don’t understand how negotiating works. Again, I’m not surprised really. Most of them are career politicians who have had not real job – ever! Some think negotiations are just plain sailing. The rest just want to see us fail. I’d bet my life that many Remoaners who want to delay and destroy Brexit want to see this amendment pass, just for the EU to use Brits in the EU as a bargaining chip. The EU will try to fleece us if that happens. Then, who will get the blame? Brexiteers of course. We always do. But the real culprits will be Remoaners, unelected Lords and those who back this amendment, knowing full well that it will put us in a very sticky situation. Very sticky indeed!

This anti-democratic and incompetent amendment needs to be rightfully blocked. Instead, we need to bilaterally secure the rights of both EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU at the same time. The EU will then not be able to risk the UK nationals in the EU. It’s the obvious solution.


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