Feeble Farron – bless him. He used to be a hard-working constituency MP. Yes, bad at politics, but could help with local cases for the great people of Westmorland and Lonsdale. Fast-forward to 2016/17, and our friend, Feeble Farron is no longer a constituency MP- oh, no. Timmy is neck deep in the world of party politics and not in a good way.

Many of his constituents say he’s turned rotten since the Brexit vote. Understandable. However, I disagree. He’s always been rotten as a politician. Brexit has just finally exposed it – extremely exposed it! Everyone knows Mr F is a sore loser. He can’t accept the referendum result of June 23rd. I don’t think he ever will. Why is it so bad though? Because my MP has a Brexit delay and destroy plan! A very dirty plan. A very nasty plan. A very anti-democratic plan.

The plan isn’t exactly hard to clock on your radar, but it is scarily anti-democratic, for sure. It is brewed up by an opportunist MP, founded on motives that the very office he holds is meant to be so staunchly against.

It is a plan of two simple stages; first to delay and then to destroy. Clues in the name, right? Well Tim has started straight on the delay stage. His deluded plan is to stall the vote on Article 50 for as long as possible. Enough time to attempt to deploy the Remoan water cannon long enough so it waters Brexit vote down.

Evidence? Remember, in November 2016, when Farron and his failing party were absolutely demanding there be a vote on the triggering of Article 50 in Parliament? They got one. However, a month later, he voted against triggering Article 50. Not only that, he had the cheek to call it a parliamentary stitch up. Why? Yes, one reason is because he’s a flip-flopping bad loser – that’s not all though. He also wanted to try and create a parliamentary revolt against the Article 50 bill. He tried to whip up a storm to try and delegitimize the vote (which he demanded in the first place) amongst MP’s and Remoaners.

Following on from the vote, he followed with ramping up another delay tactic – to confuse MP’s and the people about what Brexit actually means. “Brexit doesn’t mean leaving the Single Market”, he cries. “Brexit doesn’t mean leaving the Customs Union”, he groans. We all know he’s wrong but he was stuck with the problem of how to translate those lines into delaying the triggering of Article 50. Then it hit him – demand another referendum!

Another referendum would be the ideal way of keeping that Remoan water cannon out, diluting the Brexit vote. What a dirty but great idea, Timmy! Of course the idea is dying before his very eyes, writing this in mid-January, but let’s assume Feeble Farron’s nasty, anti-democratic mission goes to plan.

Say he got his second referendum. Say people voted to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union (which they definitely wouldn’t). Only then would he accept the triggering of Article 50. This is where he pounces onto the destroy stage.

Imagine the mood of the country. We’re months into the triggering of Article 50. Leave campaigners are justifiably angry. They wouldn’t be leaving the Single Market, the Customs Union – they essentially wouldn’t be truly leaving the EU. This is where Farron and his Remoaners would come back to life. They’d claim that they may as well stay in the European Union. They’d claim there’s no point of going through the two years of negotiations only to have almost the same relationship with the EU. The depressing thing about this scenario, so would some Leave supporters. Bare in mind, this would probably be after Article 50 being delayed by another year (minimum) after a second referendum.

This mood would seep through to Westminster and that’s where Mr Tim Farron would be about to deliver the final blow. What he’s, on a number of occasions, suggested is possible – to “revoke the triggering of Article 50”! That would be it! The Remoan water cannon would be in retreat, and all he would have to do is gently introduce the tear gas into Whitehall and the Palace of Westminster. Mission complete.

A sad, anti-democratic, frightening scenario – don’t you agree? Democracy would be well and truly ripped apart and confidence in politicians would sink into the pits of hell. Well, I have some good news and some bad news, folks. The good news – it’s a plan that will always fail. Farron isn’t capable. He’s not got the credibility. He’s not got the energy. He’s not got the perseverance and consistency. The plan is already crumbling and our great Prime Minister is staying strong and on the right path. On the other hand, the bad news – I have a seriously deluded, plagued and anti-democratic MP and our Parliament – the mother of all parliaments – has a very nasty virus within its ranks. His name is Timothy James Farron.

The Brexit delay and destroy mission is a window into the world of a highly unhealthy politician. Feeble Farron’s plan will die, but his disgraceful and shameful motives will live on, within the Illiberal Anti-democrats.

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