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I wrote to my MP, Tim Farron asking whether he stood by his disgraceful comments insinuating older Brexit voters voted to “damage the future of millions of young people”.

In his reply, he decided to ramble on (like the typical politician) about stuff which quite frankly weren’t anything to do with my specific question to him and the quotes of him I brought up in my original letter.

He then went on to say “Any comments that I may have made about the voting patterns of the referendum are firmly founded upon reliable evidence from experienced public opinion assessors.  I see no offence in freedom of criticism where it is based upon evidence”. To those who understandably don’t understand what he is banging on about in this crucial part of the reply, if you compare it to my original letter, he is effectively suggesting that his view that young people’s “future has been taken away by older generations” with Brexit – quite simply untrue. There is no evidence!

Therefore, he is defending his disgraceful comments and believes the motives of older people voting to leave the EU was to “damage the future of millions of young people”.