As a 19 year old chap working full-time, I often contemplate the type of country I’d like to live in, in the future – “one that is a forward-looking, global nation in full control of its own affairs ” I often tell myself. It is a vision that any sensible-minded individual would echo but as I’ve grown older and taken more interest in the World, I’ve realised this vision for my great country is actually under extreme threat.

As I’ve gotten older and started my working life, I’ve stumbled upon the European Union in great detail. The typical, young naivety in you growing up pictures the EU as just a flag you see in the Ryder Cup or on the top of a grand building that claims to represent the whole of Europe. When you start to become a tad more sceptical and vigilant in life, you realise that it in fact not a nice, friendly, beneficial organisation filled with men in suits flying blue flags having the time of their lives – but actually a political project representing roughly half of a declining Europe with the aim of the harmonisation of laws, borders and powers funnelled into the hands of unelected men in suits flying blue flags having the time of their lives. Oh, and we have to pay £13 billion a year for the privilege of being a member of a political union of which says “jump” and our pro-EU leaders say “how high?”. This real and charming synopsis of the EU is the reason I am voting ‘Leave’ on the 23rd of June based on a number of other eye-opening facts relating to our membership of the European Union and why I believe we are better off out of the EU and we’re good enough to do so – let me share a couple with you.

We should start off with the top issue that concerns the general population of this country which is immigration. We have an uncontrollable open door to over 500 million people from the EU due to EU Free Movement rules. Our political class have clearly for years palmed this massive issue off for years upon years but finally we have a chance to not only debate it, but resolve it too. In a fantasy, utopian world, we’d love everyone to move about wherever they wanted with no problem whatsoever; however, in reality EU Free Movement is an idea that has reduced the quality of life for millions of Britons all across the country. It’s finally our chance to open up our eyes to the pressure mass migration puts on vital aspects of our lives. With net migration reaching record levels of over 330,000 we are seeing more and more pressure put on public services such as our NHS. The massive influx of people witnessed in the past few years has caused an over-demand for our NHS as one example and the strain that puts on staff shortages is immense. Whilst we are talking about shortages, we may as well talk about the chronic housing shortage we have. Even a quick glance of the numbers coming, coupled with even the vaguest understanding of the concept of supply and demand would show having to build a new house every 7 minutes in order to cope with the amount of people coming is profoundly unsustainable. It’s not only the uncontrollable amount of numbers coming that cases great pressure though – the great amount of unskilled migration we receive is proven to cause wage compression which ultimately hits the poorest in society the hardest. You can talk about GDP figures all you like when it comes to mass migration, but that does simply not compare with the importance of quality of life. Before you call me racist or xenophobic, I’d like to draw attention to the way this EU open borders policy discriminates against non-EU nationals. It’s quite breath-taking to imagine that effectively half of of our net migration figure accounts for migrants from just 27 EU countries where the other half come from over 160 countries. Something does smell fishy there, I know. It’s because of the EU’s discriminatory Free Movement policy. Non-EU nationals have to go through a completely separate points-based system where EU nationals are allowed to freely come here. Who’s the xenophobe now? Outside of the EU we’d be able to introduce a sensible & completely fair Australian style points-based immigration system which does not discriminate on whether you’re an EU national or not. One that means we can ultimately control the unsustainable amount of people coming here to take pressure off housing, jobs, vital public services and wages. One that means we focus of bringing in skilled migrants who are going to benefit the likes of our NHS and other areas which would prosper from their skill (providing they do not have a serious criminal record). It’s a controlled and ethical policy and we will never be able to implement such a thing inside the European Union.

As big as the issue with immigration is, it is not the only major area that could be improved by a Leave vote on June 23rd – trade could be too! It is an issue miserable Remainiacs love to scaremonger on. Throughout the last few months we’ve heard the likes of Deceitful (now desperate) Dave & Obtuse Osborne constantly talk down the very people who elected them into office in 2010 and 2015. “We won’t have access to the single market following Brexit”, “jobs will be lost from inhibited EU trade”, “you’re all not good enough for a free trade deal with the EU” we hear them scream and shout as they fight to hold onto their jobs. Well, I’ll tell you this; the EU sells over £60 billion more to us than we sell to them. We provide them with one of the biggest export markets in the World and generate them a great deal of money and therefore jobs. Anyone with half a brain would look at this and conclude the EU would be absolutely, bloody mad not to pursue a free trade deal with the UK after Brexit. Who wouldn’t want to trade freely with the World’s fifth largest economy by GDP? If any stressed, disgruntled Remainer is reading this I’m sure they’d be grunting & squirming not being able to pull out their favourite counter-point to this argument. They’d say “I’ll have you know, Mr Taylor, the EU accounts for over half of our exports where the UK only accounts for 20% of their exports”. Trust me, I’ve heard this line spouted plenty of times in aggressive retaliation. However, there are two fundamentally misleading things wrong with this point. The first being that the EU certainly does not account for over 50% of our exports. Over 50% of our exports go to Europe (you know, the continent) and as mentioned, roughly half of the nations of Europe are no in the EU. The figure relating to our exports to the EU (the single market, turned political union, turned wannabe superstate) is just over 40% and this figure has been declining every year. We are become less dependent on the EU. Yes, you may say this still does seem a lot compared to the fact we account for 20% of EU exports. Well, thats’s why using these percentages are misleading. It is a fact that more people in the EU rely on trade exports to the UK than people in the UK do to the EU. There are over 440 million more people in other EU countries than there is in the UK. Using these pro-EU percentages do not give a true representation of the amount of people involved. Imagine if the UK had a population of just 2 traders and other EU countries had a population of 10. For example, 50% of the UK’s exports to the EU would account for only 1 job and the lower figure of 20% (representing EU exports to the UK) would account for 2. You see where the misrepresentation comes from? With that ramble out of the way, we need to tell ourselves that we are good enough to have a free trade deal with the EU. We are good enough to negotiate our own trade deals all across the World without an EU bureaucrat doing it for us. We could re-take our seat on the World Trade Organisation and negotiate our own trade deals with emerging economies all across the globe. We are a massive country, trade will thrive outside of the EU and more jobs will be created. It’s simply a matter of belief based on sheer facts.

My case doesn’t stop there. I’ve still not banged on about sovereignty and democracy! Two of which have been severely diminished whilst we’ve progressively seen the EU morph into the pest we see today. We see a political union which creates an extraordinarily large proportion of our laws. The ill-informed, lazy, pro-EU fact finders would tell you that only 13% of our laws come from the EU, when in actual fact it is nearer 60%. The 13% figure they love to juggle around is a statistic originating from the House of Commons Library which only picks up EU laws that actually make way through Parliament. It doesn’t take any notice of the EU laws and EU-influenced laws that don’t ever see their way through the Palace of Westminster. “But the guys making these laws must be in a good position to make these laws, right?” – wrong! The complete opposite. The European Commission is the executive body of the EU which is solely responsible for the proposal of EU legislation. It is a branch totally unelected. They are all appointed. The only elected chamber, the European Parliament has literally no power to propose to laws. An office with that much power should at the very least be directly elected by the people, but no! How else would they smoothly crack on with their dangerous agenda, folks? Unlike the UK Government, who us guys can kick our every 5 years if we don’t believe they’re doing a good enough job, there is no mechanism whatsoever where the people of the EU can remove the European Commission and its president. On top of this, big business lobby EU lawmakers in abundance on a daily basis to create legislation which will benefit them and therefore strangling smaller, more honest business. The EU’s big bureaucrats work in favour of big business. You wonder why hostile, birdbrain Remainians never talk about how great the EU is, because it’s not. It is extremely undemocratic and lacks a great, great deal of accountability. Outside of this wretched political experiment, we would be granted the right to be a strong, self-governing nation once again. A nation our predecessors fought for in two deadly wars. One that makes all its own laws and where the people directly elect its lawmakers and can remove them if they are doing a shoddy job.

I could go on for months about why we should leave the European Union. I could talk in masses about how we could take back 100% control of our territorial waters where we’re only currently allowed to fish 20% of, putting our fishing industry back on the map. I could talk about how we could continue to support UK farmers with our own agricultural policy, at the same time as saving money because currently for every £2 we put into the EU Common Agricultural Policy, UK farmers only get £1 back. I could talk about how we could spend an extra £13 billion a year on our priorities from our extortionate EU membership fee. I could talk about the benefits of Brexit until the day I died but we only have a single day left until we change this countries future, forever and make sure we walk down a bright, independent path rather than a dark, constrained EU one.

This is without a doubt the single, biggest question we will collectively answer in our lifetimes. Do we want to be governed by old, decrepit, has-been EU bureaucrats in Brussels or by the people we directly & democratically elect? Do we want to continue with unsustainable EU mass migration or do we want to control our borders taking pressure off public services & ordinary people’s lives with a fair immigration policy? Do we want to leave our trade deals to be negotiated by the EU’s incapable overpaid or do we want to negotiate our own trade deals on the World stage representing ourselves? Do we believe we are good enough to go out into the World as a strong, independent, self-governing nationamd engage with emerging, growing economies? I certainly do!
Let’s have a points-based immigration sytem to control the numbers coming & to harness skill, improving quality of life. Let’s negotiate our own trade deals and engage with emerging economies across the globe creating more jobs and increasing economic growth.  I think the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are good enough to thrive and prosper outside of the EU – I know they patently are! That’s why I’m voting leave on Thursday 23rd June 2016 and if you share my bright, realistic and positive vision for a Britain outside of the EU, please do the same. We are good enough. You are good enough. We have our country to get back!